A push is required to develop India economically: Smart City Mission Project
Rajni Verma | 12 Jun 2015

In order to improve the standard of living and increase growing power of India economically, the union cabinet approved Smart City Mission and AMRUT projects.

Under these projects from getting good status of transportation, employment, efficient mobility to proper sanitation and solid waste management to providing sustainable enviroment with proper supply of water and power etc lies in. Although the smart mission of leading urbanization and modernization of each state of India is quiet challenging but still it is only way to earn a tag of 'developed country' like US.

However, to execute these two big projects firmly, authorities not only required smart transportation, smart economy and smart development planning with smart citizens but also need smartness in ways of implementing all the plans properly. Government has apporved to invest worth Rs 98,000 crore in it and is very much positive regarding the relative projects. Even PM Narendra Modi's move of setting bilateral relationship with other countries and positive moves made Singapore, Japan, France and United States to partnering in the project.

Eventually, each city need to be pollution free before the plans will be executed by the assigned authorities which is why a strong push to greenery, clean and safe life is highly required. And this can be only possible when people will refuse to use private vehicles after which public transport will become more effective and seamless. Even these porject also cut short the issues related to water shortage and power cut.

The projects will also help to establish more employment oppotunity in the Indian economy which directly lead Make in India mission toward it's destination. The approach of Make in India which launched by PM Narendra Modi only in 2014 will helps to transform india into a global manufacturing hub. Somehow, each scehme or projects of government are inter-linked with each other. It will not only show right path to India's development and growth but also make life easier for each citizen.