A successful interview
Satbir Singh Bedi | 02 Aug 2013

This is a real life story. I hope that you will enjoy it.
I was called for an interview for the post of a Clerk in an Agricultural Cooperative Bank, Amritsar (I have forgotten the exact name of the Bank).  I burnt midnight oil for several days learning about agriculture, cooperatives and the banking system thinking that I would be asked searching questions about these aspects of the Bank. I needed a job badly and therefore, studied really hard.  However, when I appeared for the interview at the Bank at Amritsar, I was faced with a board of selection consisting of five fierce looking bearded turbaned Sikhs all wearing blue turbans.  I was at that time a clean shaven Sikh and had not yet become a Hindu.  The Chairman smiled at me and said, "So, you are Satbir Singh?"
I replied, "Yes, Sir."
He then asked me, "What is your caste?"
I replied hesitatingly, "I am a Bedi".  I was now sure that since Bedi was not an agriculturist caste, I would not be selected.  However, the Chairman exclaimed, "Bedi! Do you know whose direct descendant you are?"
I replied, "Yes, Sir. I am the direct descendant of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs."
The Chairman asked me gently, "Do you know the names of the other nine Gurus?
I replied, "Yes, Sir.  The second guru was Guru Angad Dev ji, the third guru was Guru Amar Das ji, the fourth Guru was Guru Ram Das ji, the fifth Guru was Guru Arjun Dev ji,the Sixth Guru was Guru Har Gobind ji, the seventh Guru was Guru Har Rai ji, the eighth guru was Guru Harkishan ji, the ninth guru was Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and the Tenth Guru was Guru Gobind Singh ji."
The Chairman was pleased and asked me whether I knew the names of the four Sahibzades (sons of the tenth Guru) also.
I replied, "Yes, Sir. Sahibzada Ajit Singh, Sahibzada Jujhar Singh, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh."
The Chairman smiled and asked me to let him know the name of five pyare (those Sikhs who had come forward to sacrifice themselves before the tenth Guru). 
I replied, "Daya Singh, Dharam Singh, Himmat Singh, Mohkam Singh and Sahib Singh."
The Chairman smilingly asked me, "Do you know the relationship between the Bedis and Sodhis?"
I replied, "They were both the descendants of Lord Rama."
The Chairman then said, "Thank you, Mr. Bedi, you may leave now."
I thought that since nothing was asked about agriculture, cooperatives or banking system, I would not be selected.  The candidates who were yet to be interviewed asked me as to what questions were asked of me. I told them the truth.  They wondered whether the Selection Board was selecting a person for the post of a clerk or for the post of a religious preacher.
When I reached my house in my home town of Banga, after a few days a letter of appointment to the post of Clerk in the said bank reached me and I was really surprised.
However, since the next day to that a letter of appointment for the post of a Clerk in Punjab National Bank also reached me for which I had given an interview separately, I never joined the said Agriculture Cooperative Bank at Amritsar.