A tale of two brothers and their wives
Satbir Singh Bedi | 14 Jul 2013

This is a real life story which was related to me by my father just about 2 months before his death.  I had a love hate relationship with my father.  I often querreled with him over his drinking and gambling habits but sometimes we had very pleasant relationship.  Just before his death, when we both were in good humour, he told me the story of two brothers and their wives.  He was a bosom friend of these two brothers who always offered him drinks and also introduced him to smoking.  One day, he got drunk while the brothers were only slightly inebriated.  The brothers thought that my father was dead drunk and they, therefore, put a cot for him in their room where they alongwith their wives slept.  Their children slept in another room.  The brothers were on best of terms with each other and lived in a common premises like a joint family.  Their children were also living very happily.  Thinking my father to be dead drunk, they took hold of each
other's wives and then the elder brother had a pleasant night with the younger brother's wife while the younger brother had a nice time with the elder brother's wife. My father witnessed all this in his half drunken stage and thought that perhaps this was the reason why their families were so happy with each other.   My father's story game me the idea of group marriages where a group of persons can live like married people and have it out with one another.  Would that make them happy and make their children more sociable?  What is your view?