A thoughtful plan
Prativa Rathi | 05 Jan 2015

It happened to me a few years back, I was terrified knowing it. My tenderness raised of being in shame. All I could make it was having half a glass of water and off to bed. People around me were whiny due to the act escalating with each passing day. This made me more alert and accepting the fact I was more conscious then being alert.

All they could figure out is the map drawn and relate it with any of the countries. With each passing day people could just be aware about the maps of different countries and exchange their ideas on it.

There was a fear every night and the morning could moreover do nothing but flush the color of my visage and my eyes could see the contorted faces.

One cool night after a heavy blow of wind, and a profuse clamoring of thunder. I happen to realize the bed getting wet again. Like every night I was peeing on bed and unlike any other night I could actually feel it. I murmured (half asleep) shit. I woke up furiously, abandoning the quilt laid over me. The wet pajama was obvious, but the tee shirt getting wet was not apparent to my thought process.

All over the night I was entangle with innumerable thoughts, and thinking of not having another shameful day. I decided and took the most thoughtful decision.

The next morning, before anybody could see the map drawn. (I believe this time it was a map of Nepal). The time aroused to take a step forward for the thoughtful decision. I got my nephew to the bed, playing with him. According to my plan I gave him a bottle full of water placed near my bed, I kept the bottle slightly loose with its cap and handed it to him. Instantly he poured the water all over my bed and I could yell at him raising my voice louder. Hearing the clamor, my mum came near me and could understand what has happened.

Well! It was a great irony for her, not seeing the map drawn that morning.