A Wealthiest Competition
Rajni Verma | 24 Mar 2014

Politicians always remain in news all because of value of their assets. Though they claim to be a part of common man's 'commonness' but still stand above. Nandan Nilekani, former Infosys co-founder and Congress candidate from Bangalore South and his wife own assets worth Rs. 7700 crore.

Whereas on the other hand Kapil Sibbal by ostentatasset value Rs 110 crore trying hard to lead ahead in the city. The two-term MP from Chandni Chowk Kapil Sibbal filed his nomination on Thursday, surprisingly came out as a most wealthiest candidate in the city so far. He managed to trebled his asset in value.

Nilekani spoke,"I started out with 200 rupees in my pocket, when I graduated from IIT... We founded Infosys with Rs. 10,000. And today, because of the success of a company built from scratch, Nandan and Rohini have assets of Rs. 7,700 crore," reported media team. 

Union minister Kapil Sibal and his wife, Promila, together have movable and immoveable assets valued at more than Rs 110 crore.Two-term MP from Chandni Chowk, who filed his nomination on Thursday, is the wealthiest candidate in the city so far. The Sibals' assets have trebled in value since the previous election when they were worth around Rs 38 crore. It seems that Congress candidate Nilekani is giving competition to Sibbal.

Lok Sabha elections working as a mirror what giving a translucent picture of all politicians. This “true saying” mirror puking out all realities of those people who are directly or indirectly involved in Indian politics. Those who claimed the poorest now coming out as wealthiest one. Their possession is in the “Political Bazaar” where competition isn't about who will taste the syrup of triumph but who will 'triple' his wealth or asset.