A wise decision
Satbir Singh Bedi | 03 Sep 2013

My uncle, Dr. G.S. Bedi was the first in our family to pass the B.Sc. (Engg.) in Electrical and was highly regarded by all our family. However, he could obtain the job of a Well Supervisor only in the British ruled India. Fortunately for him, he was selected for pursuing M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering in a University in Scotland by the then British Govt. of India.

 I was not even born then when he left for England on his way to Scotland.  After completing his M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, he asked the Govt. of India which has taken over from the British Raj, to let him do Ph.D in Agricultural Engineering.  The Govt. of India gave him permission to do so on the condition that he would refund all the expenses incurred by the Government on his acquiring Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from his pay and he agreed to do so and filled a bond that till he paid back the money, he would continue to serve the Govt. of India.
He became the first Asian to do Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering and when he returned to India, I and other members of my family went to greet him, I was born by then and was four years of age.
He was appointed an Assistant Engineer in the Agriculture Department of the Punjab Government.  However, when the Punjab Agricultural University was formed at Ludhiana, my Uncle opted for a job of Professor of Agricultural Engineering in the University and was given a pension retiring him from Government job.  He continued to serve the University as Professor when Himachal Agricultural Univeristy was formed at Palampur. However, there was only a post of Associate Professor at the Himachal Pradesh University but my uncle applied for this job which was two steps below his existing job.  He was called for interview.  The Chairman of the Board stated, "Dr. Bedi, we have selected you for the job of Associate Professor but we are curious to know why do you want to join in a lower post?"
My uncle smiled and replied, "Sir, my only aim in joining the Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University at Palampur is to escape from the noise and pollution of Ludhiana which had by then become an industrial town and to enjoy the serenity and pollution free atmosphere of Palampur."
Thus my uncle took a wise decision and joined the Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University at Palampur in a lower post and retired from there at the age of sixty and went on to live upto the age of ninety five.  He remained in Palampur even after his retirement and lived there right upto the time of his death.