About the origin of language
Amit Srivastava | 23 Oct 2013

The origin of language is still unexplained. I offer a humble explanation.

First of all it should be noted that transformation from quadripods to bipods is the biggest sexual revolution in the history of humans till to-date. The development of brain gives cognition and with cognition comes the imagination. The chimps should have been imagining, for quite a long, sex with their future gods; the humans, and therefore, they eventually transformed into human beings. It does not mean that by thinking sex with their gods humans can transform into gods themselves.

But any drive towards the becoming of God would include sexual revolutions of highest orders—discovering the intelligent automated multi-dimensional machines to help humans enjoy sex to the highest possible degree with the morality of an almost perfect theist: the idea of ‘moral promiscuous’, whereby humans would control sexual pervertness inside their formal boundaries and would be fully moral and straight outside those social boundaries. It appears contradictory but in reality it is not.

The transformation to God-like civilization—inventing spaceship and contacting other relatively underdeveloped humans elsewhere in the Universe and inventing a religion suitable to their bodies and brains—is very difficult. But imagining about themselves as gods without being anyway close towards them could be very dangerous for humans.

Similarly, languages originated because of humans’ initial urge to feel and explain orgasmic pleasure. When early humans started enjoying sex as pleasurable experience and not merely as a tool of procreation, they should have started to utter elementary exclamatory sounds. This can be truest of bipods and straights. Kissing, smooching, caressing, foreplay and after-play all should have contributed to the uttering of more sophisticated sounds and words and thereafter to elementary languages.

The development of ego should have been strongly correlated with evolution of languages. It should be noted that anus should have been a sexual organ for the humans as it should have helped humans becoming straight and therefore, homosexuality could be older than believed even though it is not that prevalent among contemporary apes. The more advanced languages should have been originated as an updated reaction to changing nature and sexual and food habits.

Once the humans discovered taste and shelter they were bound to discover the languages too: to explain them. Therefore, enjoyment combined with social organization should have been the driving force for humans to develop a mean to communicate pleasures, pains, requirements and ultimately diktats. It should be noted that consciousness is not more than 3 millennia old and it was mostly auditory hallucinations which have controlled the humans of pre-consciousness era. 

Also, individualism and psychological development which is absent in all other animals should be the origin of theories and languages as the development, cognition and imagination combined together should have lead to the expansion of exclamatory words and development of modern languages. The fixation of color and discovery of clothing which in the truest sense implied sensuality and some class arguments should have preceded the development of meaningful elementary languages and their modern versions.

Those who enjoyed maximum sex and were more experts in sexual behavior developed higher and superior languages. It does not mean that there is exact high correlation among libido, its expression and its expertise and sophistication of languages. The basis of all that is beautiful on earth is sexual drives and eternal wishes; many fulfilled; many not so. It does not mean that modern humans in order to develop higher selves should move in the direction of an unchecked constant path towards promiscuity and infidelity. The law of evolution on earth is approximation but is deterministic and not a chance: excessive liberalism and promiscuity laced with it would promote weird sexual choices and therefore a reduction in straight sexual behavior which could pose serious challenges to the continuity of life on earth.  

The differences in languages should have to do with differing botanical and zoological evolutions, different climate zones, different patterns of immigration and differing ancestors. The different languages might have to do a lot with the eruption of different ideologies, thoughts and therefore, of different religions. It should be emphasized that all major religions have been originated in civilizations speaking different languages.