Abuse can not be a reason for dismissal
Reetika Mandovra | 14 Mar 2011

Abusive language is a thing, which is never considered the languages of sophisticated and educated people but still this kind of abusive language is used in many sections of the society. Similarly, this kind of language or the cuss words are commonly used by the jawans or the soldiers while communicating with each other. This was the case of soldier or jawan if we take the case of youngsters then we can easily observe that the abusive language have such a great impact on our nations young generation that they use the cuss words as a helping verb.

The frequent use of abusive words make the youngsters feel connected with whom they are talking it does not matter how the other person on the opposite side is feeling. Some time people use to abuse in public places they do not care about women, girls and not even kids who are also present there. Nowadays, it is becoming a kind of trend that if we abuse people then it means you are cool in nature, people feel connected to you. This shows that using abusive language is not a bad thing because it help people in maintaining informal relations with there colleagues, classmates, friends etc.

Recently, a case came in front of the Delhi High Court in which a CISF jawan was dismissed from his job for using abusive language. In his case, the High Court has said that the jawans often speak street language while communicating with each. Hence, one cannot be dismissed from service on the grounds that one has spoken abusive language.

We know that our soldiers are very energetic and placed at different borders of India. When ever there is a battle between two nations or the countries , the soldiers of both the nation use to abuse each other which shows there aggression and there dedication and determination towards there respective nations. Infect we have seen in many movies like border, LOC etc in which Indian soldiers were abusing the soldiers of other nation.

Hence abusive language has an bad impact on society but sometimes in aggression people used to deliver these words which should not be done but if people committee this mistake then they should be apologized but dismissal from the post is very hard punishment just for the use of abusive language.