Abusive husband: Woman files online petition to seek justice

Many young around the globe dream for his/her marriage for a peaceful life style with full of supports from the family members to boost his/her career and to earn as much as possible for his /her own family members.But here is a story of a young male who dreamt for his marriage not once or twice but thrice with his ultimate intension only to harass them and also trying out from the hands of the law of the land for his own entertainment knowingly.

This is the story of that young's 1st wife who is now knocking the each and every door of the appropriate authority to get a permission in regard to passport of her only son .she was badly abused,tortured and harassed by this young for years but no action has been taken so far to teach a lesson to the wayward young like this.

Her name is Juveria Patni who appeals every Indian to support her .Let us know the complete story for which she intends your report.

She  escaped from her  abusive husband when she was pregnant. She is now  a single mother and she has  a wonderful10-year-old son, her only hope.

She has been fighting to get her son's Passport for the past 3 years But she stucked and shocked when the Passport Authority demanded the HUSBAND'S PERMISSION despite the Honourable High Court's order that says  a mother's name is sufficient to issue a passport. However passport offices don't follow this rule. 

But her  ex-husband has remarried and he is never coming back. 

If she is  capable of raising her son on her  own, then why can't the government issue his passport with just my name on it.

After a lot of failed attempts since past 3 years consistently; she has  decided to write this petition in order to get permission granted to acquire a passport for her son.

She is  a single parent of a 10 year old boy. She was married to an abusive man who did not spare her even during her pregnancy. She  some how managed to come back to her parent's home after 3 months while pregnant with her unborn child and firmly opted not to go to that man ever again. To which he retaliated by filing for the custody of her baby and harassed her for as many as  6 years. Despite all his slanders and attempts to harass her, She won the case since she was abused and also because her ex had not given any child support, maintenance or alimony.

The man she was married to lives in Dubai currently. Its been 4 years now, he has not gained access to visit her son. Now he is married for the 3rd time and has a family of his own. He has no contact with her son what so ever, nor does he make any effort to visit him.

Now at last he attempted the Change.org FOR AN ON LINE petition

To be filled with thousands of support only from the social medias to the EXTERNAL AFFAIR MINISTER OF INDIA with her last hope to get acceptance of his only son's Passport and visa which is as per her is a lot to the little one.