Academicians up in arms against Haryana govt's hush-hush efforts for amending the syllabus of universities
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 11 Apr 2018

It is being felt that this move is aimed at curtailing the autonomy of universities in the state.

I hope that Haryana's Higher Education Council Chairperson Professor Kuthiala takes note of the sincere advice of the academicians. The syllabus should definitely be changed in view of global scenario. But it should be done in a transparent way, feel academicians with whom 'Gustakhi Maaf Haryana' interacted on the issue .They feel that the present move is to turn universities into government propaganda machineries. 

LN Dahiya, former PVC of MDU, Rohtak, on the basis of his experience as an academician, administrative head of NAAC assessment committees, has a say on the following issues:

Better to have annual exam system

Semester system due to optional problems has not proved a noble system of the earlier annual system of examinations, at least under graduate level.It has killed the creativity, innovation and also extra curricular activities like sports,NSS,NCC and cultural etc. It is better to have the annual examination system.

There is no atmosphere of teaching and learning in colleges

Choice based credit system can be successful only in first rate institution of higher learning.The infrastructure and informative staff is in the Institution is required for successful implementation.

In the recent reports,we do not find the adequate number of Colleges of Haryana in top 100 colleges of India.Implementation of syllabus is impossible because there is no atmosphere of teaching, learning in the Colleges of Haryana.

A renowned academician told "Gustakhi Maaf Haryana" million dollar question is what is the criteria for selection of the members of the so called syllabus committee?

Who had nominated  or recommended their names.?What is their contribution in Academics, research and extension activities? What is their length of service?

AHCS officer reader of "Gustakhi  Maaaf, Haryana" on condition of anonymity said that syllabus must be congruent with the real world relatedness and change is necessary of course. However, practically be given the due focus. Especially teachers need to be sensitized to break the new concepts with real life and examples from their vicinity.

God bless our universities

Prof (Retired) SB Dahiya, former Visiting Professor University of Canberra, University of Rome and University of Paris told 'Gustakhi Maaf Haryana". 

Strange are the ways to establish Universities of developed world standards and more so to develop syllabus of such strangely autonomous Universities. So far Vice Chancellors used to be appointed from the panel recommended by distinguished search committees and perhaps evaluating the aspirants through a secretly manufactured special microscope. But interestingly the same method is being developed to frame syllabuses of various subjects. As per the University Act, a university is an autonomous body established by the Legislature. In such autonomous universities syllabus is first formed by Departmental Committees for consideration by the Board of Studies. The recommendations of the Board are then considered by the Faculty. And finally the Academic Council considers and approves the syllabus for implementation. Of course the Visionary Vice Chancellor, who has been to various top class universities, has the emergency power vested in the VC, to exercise these powers to approve and implement the visionary global syllabus.