Administration denies father right to attend funeral of his son
Kabir | 17 Apr 2014

Kaushambi Committee of All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) has severely condemned SO Sarai Akil and higher district officials including the SP and DM for stopping Comrade Chedilal from attending the funeral of his elder son, Indrapal, aged around 30 yesterday.

Indrapal died of some sicnkess late night on 15th April. An application was moved before the officials to permit his father, Com. Chedilal, district Vice President of AIKMS who is in jail in some matters, to attend the funeral. The permission was finally signed at 5 pm and he was released with police escorts late in the evening around 8.00 pm. When they reached PS Sarai Akil, the SO stopped him and sent him back saying there is risk in sending him to Nanda Pura.

It is rather sad that these officials totally out of touch with Indian society. They were assured that there will be no problem and that the atmosphere in the village is one of extreme sorrow and mourning, as is also expected. Moreover there is no immediate controversy. And it is inhuman crime to prevent a father from attending last rites, especially after having come so close. Yet he did not relent.

AIKMS condemns this inhuman treatment meted out to an accused on trial and demands exemplary punishment to these officials. There is a lot of anger in the people against the officials due to this.