After Cantonment, now KCR want to capture Greater Hyderabad Corporation
Narendra Ch | 17 Jan 2015

Fresh from victory in Secunderabad Cantonment Board elections, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has now decided to focus on Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). He told his party coleagues that he is dertermined to get the city Mayor post for his party at any cost.

A meeting of available ministers and party leaders met at the party office yesterday has reportedly cleared the name of Mynampally Hanumanth Rao as party's GHMC president. 


According to sources, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao expressed confidence on winning the GHMC elections and went on to say that the next mayor would be from the TRS. The Chief Minister wanted the four city ministers to divide GHMC into four blocks and take responsibility of strengthening the party in the capital. Later, other ministers would join the campaign, the sources said.

Though it was not indicated when the elections would be held, which were originally scheduled in October, 2014, it seems Rao has been making well-designed plan of action to win over the prestagious corpoariton. As it is evident that his party TRS is weak in the city in all terms, he has been making moves of attracting MLAs, former corporaters and prominent leaders from other parties.


It is also learnt that a large number of former corporators are slated to join the party in the coming days. Sources said that a few more MLAs were slated to shift loyalties soon, including two from the city and one YCP MLA from Khammam district.

Home Minister Naini Narsimha Reddy said that four city ministers would meet along with the constituency in-charges and would prepare a plan for the Greater Hyderabad elections. He said that there were many leaders willing to join the party.


Chief Minister said to be is concentrating on strengthening the party in the Old City of Hyderabad, which was treated as a 'forbidden area' by major political parties including Telugu Desam and Congress. He is trying to score a point by strengthening its base in the Old City. The TRS has reportedly enrolled over one lakh members in the Old City in the last few weeks.


Although Chief Minister had maintained cordial relationship with the MIM after the elections, he was keen that the party strengthens its base in the Old City. However, Rao seems to be not want to rely on the MIM as it is notorious for changing loyalties

The MIM was always friendly with the party-in-power. It was close to TDP from 1995-2003 and then with the Congress from 2004-2012. By making friendship, it kept the both the TDP and Congress from strengthening their bases in the Old City. However, KCR wants to adopt a different approach and wants to encash upon his secular image and minority welfare schemes.