after coalgate it is affordable housinggate in Haryana
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 08 Nov 2013

Close on wheels of much published Colgate scandal , affordable housing scandal has surfaced in Haryana bordering national capital.Haryana Govt. headed by Bhupinder Sinbgh Hooda has come out with affordable housing policy claiming that it will provide affordable housing to people in Gurgaon and other towns of the State.

For this scheme applications have been invited from the prospective builders  and licences will be given on first come first basis.. Following the pattern of coal gate,chosen colonizers were tipped much in advance about the scheme and concerned officials were  reportedly directed to put applications of such colonizers on priority. Under this police colonizers have been given number of concessions in form of remission of internal development and external development charges etc.In turn they will provide  house at cost of Rs. four thousand  per square feet in Gurgaon.Highly placed sources told that even applications for  licences are accepted  on directions from  top .Government will ensure sale of such houses.

Commenting on claim of Govt.of affordable housing an official told that had Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda , been so worried about the interests of end users then Haryana Urban Development Authority would have come out with new sectors in the state.Instead  of developing new sectors Hooda after taking over as chief minister  granted licences  to colonizers for developing  housing  schemes putting the end users to great disadvantage. Hooda is  watching the interests of powerful colonizer lobby and it is jokingly said that Hooda Govt. is  Govt. of colonizers, by the colonizers and for the colonizers. Family members of about two dozen legislators including Chief Minister are  leading colonizers working  all over the state particularly in Gurgaon and other areas bordering the National capital.Even in Rohtak. home town of Hooda , collector rate of registration of sale deeds in sectors developed by the Haryana Urban Development Authority are increased manifold several times forcing the end users to buy plots in colonies developed by the colonizers.

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