After Maggi, Other 400 big brand products caught in a controversial row
Rajni Verma | 17 Jun 2015

Everyone's favorite two minute maggi noodles caught in a controversial row in recent past. The presence of MSG and Lead in this packed food dragged the manufacturing company i.e Nestle in news and compelled it to terminate it's supply till maggie will not get clearance from Food authority. The excess of permissible level made FSSAI to conduct a test on other products and shockingly, its data indicates that more than 400 products failed the security test.

The list includes big brand names like, Amway, Ranbazy, Venky's, Tata Starbucks, Kellogs etc. According to the submitted data the percentage of adulterated food or other products is on the rise. The shift in the relative percentage from 14.8 (2012-13) to 18.8 (2013-14) is quiet unavoidable. However, these companies are still into the business and their products are available in market.

The series of checking food quality instigated by Uttar Pradesh Food and Safety commissioner who took charge of exposing the poisonous ingredients of maggie. Although the department is well aware about the usage of few chemicals like, food color, flavor enhancer etc but its excessive use can harm anyone like anything. Further, it was FSSAI who asked various states food commissioner to draw a samples of maggi and get it all tested.

However, it is Nestle company only who is more submerging into the puddle of controversy as after maggi, the company's Nestle Pro (powdered milk) trapped in the very same row. A person from Coimbatore who bought a pack of Nestle Pro to feed his twins witness live larvas in the packet after which he took strong action against the company. Although company tried to covered it by offering exchange of product but all in vain. Patently, the greed of earning more is making manufactures to use chemicals and those things which can be harmful for one. Let's see how many other companies will dragged in the same row.

The FSSAI rejection to 400 products held on the basis of assessment of risk. Apparently, Tata Starbucks is on top of the list with 32 products.