Agriya announces the latest, Version 2.1.2 of the popular social networking script Kootali
kootali | 26 Oct 2009

The web development company Agriya Infoway has the new Kootali 2.1.2 out now. This closed social-networking script is available for purchase over the web, and allows for the easy creation and deployment of full-featured private social-networking websites,

Kootali is a popular social networking script aimed at website designers involved in the creation of social networking websites à la Facebook; Agriya Infoway, the up-and-coming southern Indian innovator behind this popular product, has announced the release of the newest incarnation of Kootali today, in version 2.1.2 . Agriya has always positioned itself as a company that brings a premium customer experience to market at budget prices; the latest version of Kootali puts customer opinion to work driving product improvements such as the ones that the latest version features.

Version 2.1.2 in Kootali addresses several areas that should smooth the way for a website designer aiming to put together a social networking website. To begin with, Kootali now allows the Home and the Profile pages control over status updates. Social networking websites have always found it useful to feature a section for classified advertisements; startup websites though can't just go live as a blank slate: Kootali 2.1.2 allows website administrators to seed a classifieds section with a few entries themselves.

Webmasters will appreciate the access now designed into the application, to the forum block or sector on the Profile page. Most website designers try to go online at first, publishing instructions for visitors in language that is tried and trusted; the sign-up page for new members keeps this in mind, and has been fired up with better and friendlier default language to help website designers be up and running in as little time as possible. Agriya has stood solidly behind its Kootali platform and this latest version shows the benefit of a great deal of attention paid to the ironing out of minor bugs and usability issues.

Agriya’s vice president of marketing, Sherein Banu, sees the latest version of Kootali going exactly where its customers want to go, when she says, “It isn't enough that the Web 2.0 movement places in the hands of everyday people, the power to express themselves. It also needs to place power in the hands of the people behind the scenes, the website designers, the administrators and people who come up with great new Internet concepts. Kootali's latest version makes life easier for just these kinds of people.”

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Agriya Info way is a creative institution that involves itself in the designing and deployment of software that empowers the Web 2.0 revolution. It is based in Chennai, the southern Indian metropolis.