Ahmad Nesar has completed 35 years of journey in urdu literature, and next book 'Barg-e-Ummed' is in press
S Zafar | 27 Mar 2015

Urdu literature has a history that is inextricably tied to the development of the Urdu language everytime, and of course a name should be include in urdu literature Ahmad Nesar's real name is Md Nesar Khan.

Nesar is takhallus it means "to sacrifice", he has started poetry composing career in 1980, and now has completed 35 years of journey in urdu literature. Three books have been completed and fourth book 'Barg-e-Ummed' is in press.

Well-known Urdu poet, writer and journalist, Ahmad Nesar has earned many laurels and won some of the most prestigious accolads in Urdu literature. Born in Aurangabad Bihar in 1967 and now living in Dhanbad Jharkhand, he has completed his I. Com from coal field college Dhanbad. He did specially intention in Urdu literature, Now he is a Sub Editor of Dastaras which publish quaterly,

He also contributed for Adbi folder Falak from 1995 to1997 there after he thought about adabi parcha, and now publishing Dastaras quaterly. His first urdu book Wallail was released in 2006 and got success nationwide, than published next book Apne Virudh in Hindi language in 2011 and now released 101 Ghazal, and another one Barg-e-Ummed is in press and it will come out soon.

Ahmad Nesar had a difficult life. He described the most painful episodes of his life in his book Much of that pain was reflected in his poems. He was known too well for his religiosity and piety. Ahmad Nesar's one particular couplet:

Hamen khud pukaren gi ye manzilen

Qadam se qadam to milaye koi


Ruka us mod pe main hun 'Nesar' ab

Jahan se raasta koi nahi hai


Hussainy martaba ke sab hain khwahan

Sharik-e-karbala koi nahi hai

Now he is wishing to serve the Urdu community and finding of new ways to promote Urdu language make it easier for everyone to read, write and learn easily.