Ahmedabad road traffic management needs improvement
Vishnu Mohan | 11 Jan 2013

Road traffic is very very heavy in the city of Ahmedabad most of the time during day hours. Some statistics are given below pertaining to road traffic in Ahmedabad.

- In the year 2011, traffic rule violations have been around 13.65 lakh cases whereas in the year 2012 the number is slightly less to around 12.35 lakh.

One of the main traffic violations in the city is jumping off the traffic signals. The other top offences are : violation of helmet/seat belo rules; illegal parking; use of dark films/

tinted glass or drawn curtains. Most of the registered cases come from two wheeler drivers who don't wear helmets.

- Illegal parking is a big issue for Ahmedabad because the officials have not towed the two-wheelers for atleast four months due to want of private operators.

Today the city traffic branch has ten towing cranes but no supporting staff for the towing. Officials cite the want of towing as one of the reasons for choked-up roads.

Last year, 1.50 lakh vehicles including 48,000 cars were find for wrong parking in the city.

- The city traffic police got richer by Rs.8.60 crore last year through levy of fines. The fines collected in the year 2011 was around Rs.9.32 crores. It appears the habitual

offenders does not mind paying fines rather than following the rules strictly.

- Rs.2.33 crres ere collected for not following helmet and seat belt regulations in the year 2011 and in 2012 citizens paid Rs.2.79 crores for the same. The drivers

involved in over-speeding and dangerous driving shelled out Rs.56.57 lakhs compared to Rs.55.92 lakhs in 2011.

- For pedestrans to corss the roads especially in front of the main railway station and at other places is not easy.

Some solutions including those suggested by people who really matter in this issue:

- Mr. Chittranjan Singh, the State Director General of Police, inaugurated a ceremony recently whereby more than 4,000 children and volunteers carried out rallies

in various partsof the city that culminated at the Children Traffic Park near Lal Darwaja on Wednesday morning. Senior officials from various walks of life stressed

on the people's participation to make the city roads safer.

- Mr. Chittranjan Singh said, "We will have to ensure safety on roads with better practices and set an example for others".

- Mr. Asit Vora, City Mayor, said the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has built in 17 flyovers and underpass till date and work is going on for better

commutation in the city. He adds, "However, I would like to request you to choose public transport such as AMTS and BRTS for your point to point travel to reduce

congestion on city roads".

- Mr. Sanjay Shrivastav, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) stated that more often than not, traffic police are sen as collectors of fine. "It is a misnomer. Police are

deployed to ensure safe and chaos-free travel for all citizens. If all drivers follow the basic rules, we can reduce the number of accidents on city roads,", he said.

- There have been reports in the recent past that some Jain Sadhvis were killed in road mishap on State Highway. Even there were reports that Padyatris going to

Pilgramage got mowed down by heavy vehicles. It is opined that it is safe not to walk in highways when the visibility is dark. Also, people in general, walk on the lift side. At times, it leads to a situation when a drunk or tired driver loses his control and hits on a pedestrian's walking on the road. This happens because the pedestrian is not in a position to see the driver coming and therefore he has no opportunity to save himself. instead it is recommended that where there are no footpaths, pedestrians should walk on the opposite side to the traffic so that he can see the vehicle ahead and if needed can save himself.

- Towing down of illegally parked vehicles do send some good message and therefore this practice should begin.

- Rates of fines levied should be enhanced to a higher level to deter habitual offenders which would help them in mending their ways for the better.

- More and more traffic police should be deployed at heavy traffic junctions to take a good control of the passing traffic and also help pedestrians to cross the roads without any issue.