Ahuja Dhaba: courted by food lovers of all kinds
ashish chawla | 25 Feb 2011

Ahuja Dhaba is one of the oldest food courts serving its customers since 1948. This is a place where one can find Mercedes owners sitting next to truckers sharing meals.

 No.1 Ahuja Dhaba 
One of the oldest food court place serving its customers since 1948.
With its best quality and fast service.....
This a place where one can find Mercedes owners sitting next to truckers of Highways and enjoying the similar meal.
The food there is wholesome , rich in traditional flavours, and light on stomach  the kind one can eat every day without...
These dhabas are not  a place of tourist attraction but they are a respite after the long road journeys creating a unique experience with all its new facillities.. spcl.   fully air conditioned ..
If you have forgotten the taste of fresh vegetables, because these Dhabas ,while serving vegetarian dishes, use fresh green vegetables directly brought from the nearby fields and cooked in pure homemade Ghee, unlike in our city restaurants where they are stored for weeks together.
Whatever might be the time you will be welcomed by a fresh food..
Those who have already tasted the food, fun and hospitality of this No.1 Ahuja dhaba in Murthal know what I am talking about, but those who have not, I’m sure that this will help them. 
thank you just visit once you will have the experience.......