Anand Krishnan | 08 Apr 2009


PMK,MDMK,CPM goodbye to congress and joined AIADMK


The recent survey of *In the Global Corruption Index, a survey of 133 nations conducted by TI”& States.


The TN is the 2nd height corruption state in India observed that is 67 %. And this is a the image of  what DMK govt at present stands, in AIADMK policy Jayalalitha wants TN a corruptionless govt, the present situation is there must be a change in party if not then the corruption percentage will be more higher in Tamil Nadu,Police are vigil and in traffic too but still cannot control the present traffic situation every day disturbance is occurring due to political base, because Plitical party member are fogged in all official department.


 RTI is also effected , it central govt to take serious action on such situation because it totally effecting new genaration too, DMK govt could not solve this situation of corruption, their must be another govt to come and stop such malpractice in offices.


That`s why this time AIADMK is heading towards positive result , people must think serious for election and vote only good person who realy do for the common man in TN, today`s situation in tamil nadu is that AIADMK stands in positive role and they can make a good formation and help for central govt , Corruption is 67% and above it’s a very serious matter for central govt And in govt offices, Vigilance should act round the clock and cheking must be in offices to stop such corruption running throught TN , the globle corruption Index shown this view and it’s a shame for this state , although Coimbatore is the Manchester of south India and it is a cosmopolitan state evey region people are here for business and at present no English or hindi is present in important notices why?


Every person donot know Tamil words so there must be option in English too , some of the papers in circular gets English but maximum Tamil notice only are pulblished this is a big drawback in this govt .


One another mistake is doing AIADMK that CPM to take CPM if they are realy poltician they have to be stable in her govt like withdraw in UPA govt they will do the same in another party to and the same problem will be there so AIADMK must think and take correct step for future

Govt , because AIADMK is at present getting positive response and they should maitain this throught election, in TOI these news is there that Now AIADMK linking CPM that`s a rethinking matter “After a fortnight's hard bargaining, AIADMK and CPM on Monday inked a poll pact under which the latter would contest Madurai, Kaniyakumari and Coimbatore seats in the Lok Sabha elections AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa and CPM state secretary N Varadarajan signed the pact on Monday, when Varadarajan called on her at her residence this afternoon. The seat-sharing talks between the two were earlier deadlocked with the CPM insisting on either Coimbatore or adjoining Tiruppur besides and Kaniyakumari won by it in 2004.”


This is the coimbatore electoral areas With today's pact, MDMK led by Vaiko is the only other party yet to reach a poll understanding with AIADMK. AIADMK sources said a deal with MDMK, which had been demanding five seats, would be made either today or tomorrow. After all citizen of India and TN people must think serious and make a good party that realy help for common man & middle class people therefore think first then elect and select good political party . because Corruption is very high in TN. After all its is a  politics any time any thing  will happen only guess we can say before election.


*Electorate Size – Tamil Nadu (2009)


Tamil Nadu

Men – 20721440

Women – 20598546

Total   -   41319986

These are Genaral


Men – 43689

Women – 16468

Final Total – 41380143

These are in service