AIADMK ready to defeat DMK in TN : J.Jayalalithaa
Anand Krishnan | 14 Jul 2010

AIADMK ready to defeat DMK in TN : J.Jayalalithaa




All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam  ( AIADMK ) Mass agitation against present ruling govt DMK  against their failure on governing in Tamil Nadu .


AIADMK Supremo J.Jayalalithaa fired tough speech against Karunanidhi and on behalf of supporters she told to remove the present ruling govt as soon as possible and there was no need to spoil Rs 400 crores in World classical Tamil Conference and wastage for the state financial situation


The Mass agitation began at VOC Ground in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu were record supporters were gather and took oth to have a change in power and there is no necessary of present govt ruling in Tamil Nadu because there are many serious allegation against present govt of failure of controlling prices in fuel , essential commodities rates , illegal sand quarrying Mafia , land Mafia , Smuggling ration rice health are fake medicines and expired medicines with new level and many corruption charges on the present ruling govt in Tamil Nadu.


Many party leaders were present in this mass agitation by AIADMK in Coimbatore, women supporters were too present and lakhs of supporters were joined and took mass oath taken by AIADMK supporters for a change in Tamil Nadu politics


The society of all section were too present and thanks given to Pollachi  Jeyaram Minister for Environment and MLA  Perur SP. Velumani 


The supporters of AIADMK and the Supremo  J.Jayalaithaa talk tough against DMK ruling party and DMK Chief M. Karunanidhi  and the party supporter were happy when the supreme of AIADMK opened door to supporters choice for the alliance to form a government .


And J.Jayalalithaa asked the supporters to seriously concentrate on the Assembly Election to put out of seat the ruling party DMK and since 2006 there is only hike in prices in all areas like essential commodities, fuel, and other important daily essential products, without any control.



The Mass agitation by AIADMK went peacefully and put party in a strength by J.Jayalalithaa to supporters and telling to be active for Assembly Election and to be serious for a change in Tamil Nadu politics and the present ruling party fully failed to control the hiked prices since 2006 and to defeat the ruling party in Assembly Election in coming days.


The VOC ground was full of supporters of AIADMK and cheered the speech of there leader for giving a show cause strength to the party supporters and later the rally will be at Madurai and a sord and Baton was Present to J.Jayalalithaa for next party campaign.


Now its upon the party workers and the people of Tamil Nadu to choose there best leader for future because at present Tamil Nadu is still the second highest state in corruption according to the International Transparency report ( IT ) so the people who vote need serious thought while to vote correct leader for there state.