all politicians are not corrupt, it is the credibility crisis
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 08 Apr 2011

not only BJP but a large number of persons disagree with Anna that all politicians are corrupt.credibility of institutions have touched lowest point hence people take words of Anna against system at premium.

Not only B.J.P and Raghuvansh Parshad but a large number of people including this scribe do not agree with social activist Gandhian Anna Hazare,s observations that all the politicians are corrupt. Even in today,s time of total degeneration of values in public life still there are honest and dedicated people in every walk of life be the politics, media, judiciary and executive. It is admitted that their number may be small.

The million dollar question is that the credibility of democratic institutions , the ruling party, oppositon parties, judiciary, media and the executive has touched lowest point that every word of Anna Hazare or other having credibility against the system is taken at premium by the people. This is not good trend. Despite involvment of judges in provident fund scam or controversy over ammessing of wealth by relatives of former chief justice of India, Balakrishnan or chrgesheet to Uttrakhand High court retired judge Nirmala Yadav in cash at home case, it is the judiciary which has intervened to ensure that spectrum scams probe is done seriously. Media despite the page news phenomena is expsoing various scams and scandals.

Oppositon leaders like Subrrahmanyam are fighting against corruption. Their are instances of several honest bureaucrats and cops. People are fed up with the corrupt system. Parties change but there is no change in the system. Anna Hazare is right when he says that although all parties are corrupt but the ruling party is epitome of corruption. it is the ruling party which had wide powers of obliging someone. More the obliging powers more the temptaions. Discretion breeds corruption. In order to maintain the credibility of the institutions everything should be transparent.