Amber Fort: Magical experience of beautiful carvings
ISHA SHARMA | 24 Feb 2011

Your visit to Jaipur is incomplete if you don't visit the Amber Fort.

THE PINK city of country which is famous for its sceanic beauty , Flavours and delicacies which one just couldnt forget..the finger licking dishes, the BHANDEJ DUPPATAS, and colourful bangles to mesmerise eyes of any woman....Jaipur is a city which has loads more to boast about. Aparts from its cultural heritageit has beautiful historical forts and temples which is the main destination for the tourists all year around.
Example of such monuments and fort is the famous AMBER ka kila or the Amber-Fort. This fort truly looks stunning, all-built in white marble and red sandstone. To add to its charm, Maotha Lake makes its foreground. The crystal mirror image of the Fort, on the still waters of the lake, seems to be a beautiful illusion to the eyes. It can sooth eyes if any person.It is well built and carved so beauifully that as you glance through it….it takes us back to the history.Outside the fort is a beautiful garden and a fountain which not only enhances its over-all beauty but creates a magical scene which is like a beautiful painting one could just crave for.
The interior of the fort  like the intricate carvings and cielings simply gains applauds from the visitors and captivates them truly.After sunset,there are light and music shows which is mind-blowing.Also the view from the fort ,the whole city of jaipur appears like heaven on earth.There is a Kali Temple, which is also known as Shila Devi Temple, forms the part of the Fort. It is renowned for its glorious past, huge silver lions and silver doors. The Hall of Public Audiences, Diwan-I-Aam is a pavilion with double row of columns.
Its like a cake for the tourism industry as it adds to their profit and contributes them a great part which they also use for the management and beautification of the fort.This is the reason that even after so many years ago,the fort hasn’t lost its old charm and magic.Its a major hub for the tourists all year around and a regular picnic spot for the loaclites of jaipur and they have all the reasons to be happy and boast of their pink city.And since the fort is situated on slightly hilly area,it has its own charm and attraction.