Ambition, the silent killer
Satbir Singh Bedi | 21 Jan 2014

Ambition is a silent killer, which kills more persons than we could even imagine. However, it does not directly kill a person but always kills him indirectly as an ambitious person crumbles under pressure of his ambition and becomes an alcoholic, drug addict, a chainless smoker, a depressive-maniac or he suffers from blood pressure, hypertension, heart ailments, headaches and migraine, ulcers, diabetes, nervous tension, heart attacks, heart failure and nervous breakdowns.

All these diseases are psychosomatic diseases i.e., they are the result of the pressure put on the body due to excessive burden on the mind as there is psychosomatic unity i.e. body and mind act as one unit.

However, let us go to the genesis of this disease called ambition. When a child is born, he is immediately thought of as somebody who is going to bring glory to the parents and the latter declare more often than not right at the time of his birth that they are going to make him a great engineer, a great doctor, a great writer, a great sportsman etc..

Showering their love on the new born, the parents continue to put pressure on him to study hard or to play hard as per the parents' requirements and the poor fellow under parental pressure and sometimes under peer pressure who want him to enjoy life, becomes a delinquent and turns out to be an alcoholic or a drug addict or a chainless smoker. 

Sometimes, he is indeed able to shine and makes desperate efforts to live upto his parents' expectations. He goes on pushing himself to realise his ambition, which is actually his parents' ambition of becoming an eminent doctor or engineer or author or sportsperson etc.  He puts too much pressure on his mind and suffers awful headaches or bouts of migraine or suffers from ulcers in the stomach. 

Many a time, he breaks down and becomes a depressive maniac, a nervous wreck, a neurotic or else he suffers from diabetes, heart attacks, heart failures, kidney failures, etc. and bids good-bye to the world.  Everybody says that he died of cancer because of excessive smoking or he died of liver ailments, because of heavy drinking or he died of kidney failure due to diabetes or he died of heart failure but nobody acknowledges the fact that the poor man died from having an irresistible ambition.