Amendments required to our General Election
John F Williams | 02 Dec 2011

Let us not keep of following the old trend. Let there be an improvemdnt in ways, means and norms to our General Election.

THERE ARE a few amendments if implemented may be more useful in conducting the Election by the Election Commission.
1)  The entire Election  be divided into 4 Sectors i,e North, East, West and South barring Snow covered Region with the same date of Polling.
2) There is no need to conduct Election in ¾ phases but it should be in One Go only which will have smooth positioning of the Police and the Troops. It shall be more economical too.
If the resources (strength and availability of police forces and troops) permit, certainly, the entire nation may have just one phase of election, conducted in say, 4 days. This is indeed a resource issue.
3)  The Candidate age limit should be between 21-65 years only
4) The minimum qualification of a candidate must restrict to SSLC / Senior Secondary since a literate candidate is likely to possess better IQ
5) The Candidate must have fairly good knowledge of English and national language of Hindi.
6)  The Candidate is residing in the Constituency for the last 5 years unlike  our PM, Advani , Rahul, Varun Gandhi and others merely a Certificate is not sufficient enough.
7)   Copy of the Income Tax Return for the last 5 years should be mandatory. The complete list of the Assets / liabilities of each and every Family Member of the Candidate to be enclosed at the time of filling the Nomination paper.  A MUST.
Especially for INDIA, this is an absolute MUST since most candidates wish to become MPs for making quick money by illegal means. A thorough whetting of the candidate's financials is a MUST.
8)  No Candidate should be allowed to contest from 2 different places.
This gets covered automatically if the domicile issue is implemented, as a candidate cannot be domiciled in two places.
9) The Polling percentage other than Hilly areas if  less than 30 per cent  should be considered Null and Void which is an clear indication that the Voters have no interest in any of the Candidates.
Let there be an Extra column in the Ballot Paper with ‘None of the Candidate is upto the mark / suitable
10) No Criminal or a Candidate against whom Court proceeding is pending be allowed to contest at any cost.