AMRUT revised version of JNNURM hope will work this time
Rajni Verma | 17 Jun 2015

Smart City Mission- a project to attain urbanization and developed country tag has been initiated by PM Narendra Modi. Along with this project AMRUT also released which based on the same norms. But if one remember AMRUT is the revised version of UPA's government JNNURM project i.e Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Rural Renewal Mission.

In 2013, the UPA government launched it in order to bring massive-modernization all over India. On that time government had decided to invest about 20 billion dollar in JNNURM which was seven years plan. 

The aims of aforementioned project were to bring phased improvement, infrastructure cities etc. But things couldn't work as it was planned and soon the proper implementation of project failed. Thus, doom of past government also plummeted the project of making India economically productive, creating efficient and equitable environment and responsive cities.

Later, NDA come up with its revised version i.e AMRUT. Under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, the government has released its upcoming plan of fetching economic and infrastructural growth in India. Smart City Mission and AMRUT projects will not only boost employment in the economy, housing schemes and e-governance facility but also helps in utilization of the available assets, resources, infrastructure and technology.

Perhaps, government is very much positive about the project and soon will release the guidelines and plans of the relative project. However, people are still duboius about the implementation of these two projects,

But what made government to initiate such approach? Evidently, increasing number of migrants who migrate from rural to urban area in search of job or house or their basic needs compelled govt to initiate such projects. Possibly, government is very much positive about the projects and expecting that 70.6 billion rupee plan will definitely create sustainable environment and ensure high quality life for everyone.

Although, the name of the project has changed but aims are same.  but the race of attaining urbanization and massive-modernization is at the same level. Patently, other developed countries inspired Indian government is instigate a approach. Lets' hope this time a revised version of UPA government project will work and India will attain tag of developed country in realm.