An incredible Mother
Richa Gupta | 28 Jun 2017

God created for us mothers who by all means protect, love and confide in their children. They are the best creations on the Earth.

How you managed those nine months?
How did you bear so much pain?
A life inside a life,
 through so many ups and down.
Still, Shinning so bright as the morning sun,
Calmness equal to the moon,
Mother Oh! dear mother!
I thank God, for giving me you.
From the first walk,
 to the first fall,
You held me lovingly, 
with no after thought,
Yet stayed beside me,
 protected me at all cost
Mother Oh dear mother!
Thanks to you for being there, 
from the bottom of my heart.
Your lovely smile, 
Your caring nature,
the pat of your soft hands,
The hide & seek, &
the naughty game plan,
Cute little fights, 
the lullaby,
All for my happiness & joy,
Mother oh!  dear Mother,
Sure you're an angel from the sky.
You scold, you regret, you get mad,
Despite all odds, you still care.
Worry is your second name,
Have you eaten your food? 
Is your health okay?
Thinking of our wellness,
You forget to care for yourself.
Till the sea has its last drop,
And the sun its last ray,
Don't give up on me,
Is all I say,
Stay forever and I'll care
As thinking of life without you,
Means no life at all,
Mother, oh! dear mother,
I love you, for being kind to us all.