An Inscrutable artist :- MF Husain
Prashant Mukherjee | 31 Mar 2008

MF Husain:- An inscrutable artist
MF Husain has always been in the news for a few right and mostly all the wrong reasons. His paintings create a stir, offend religious sentiments and blood-thirsty extremist groups have open rewards for anybody who can gouge his eyes, chop his hands or worst still bring his head.
The 91-years-old artist slapped with fatwas finally resorts to live in exile. And he is not the first one to face this kind of bashing.
Ismat Chughtai-wrote Lihaf, lifting veil off the gays and lesbians relationships breeding in a conservative Muslim society. She too faced a fatwa, was charged with obscenity and was acquitted after her lawyer successfully argued that the story could not be a corrupting influence.
But what is Husain's problem really? He has been called a repetitive offender paints nude paintings of Hindu goddesses and is touted as the 'Muslim artist' who is out to deface Hindu culture. But is that true really? Not many would agree.
Husain says that in terms of art, nudity is just an expression of purity. To appreciate and understand any piece of art in its true form, perhaps one needs the aesthetic sense, he says. And the only ones to identify the 'beauty' of his work is the page 3 brigade that doesn't minds shelling out a few lakhs for it.
Many argue that Husain’s art is an attempt to break away the fettered conservative approach towards religion. At best Husain can be termed an artist who's misunderstood most of the times. But that's a debatable issue...and controversial too. Next 'fatwa' against me...? May be...