An Open Letter to the Chief Minister, West Bengal to serious problem in ARTC, Burdwan, W.B.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 05 May 2014

The Chief Minister, West Bengal. We would like to draw your kind attention towards a serious problem which has arisen in ARTC, Burdwan, West Bengal due to tremendous ego problem & negligence of SMO (Dr. Subrata Dutta). He is a retired Deputy Superintendent of Medical College.

According to him all the staffs of CST division in WBSAP&CS are actually subordinate to him  and due to that reason he is not ready to communicate with the CST officials of WBSAP&CS and for this, procurement of drug is not happening on timely basis. Most of the PLHIV are complaining about not getting ART drug in time at ARTC, Burdhwan.

We also want to highlight that only one Medical Officer is in Burdhwan ARTC and number of patient is nearly about 6000 enrolled in ARTC. They are not getting proper services like advise on any OI treatment and suffering a lot since last one year.

We are very sad to inform you that due to wrong treatment of PLHIV with TB is also a serious problem. SMO is not providing proper regimen of ART to patient with TB and therefore more than 5 PLHIV has been reported to be dying with in months due to negligence of SMO.

All pathological testing facilities is available in ARTC but SMO always refer patients to private lab for his commission. Most of the patients are economically poor and not able to get testing done at private lab.

It seems that he is mainly busy with private chamber and not able to focus on ARTC, therefore,clients are not getting him at ARTC in emergency situation.

Although CST officials of WBSAPCS have instructed to all ARTC to organize ARTC- CSC coordination meeting and most of the ARTC organizing coordination meeting but SMO of Burdhwan, ARTC has refused to organize coordination meeting. We are still waiting to hear from him after several requests from Burdwan CSC staff for organizing coordination meeting and that is most important place to share the problem of clients.

On behalf of PLHIV people,

Satbir Singh Bedi