And even they had lot to share about Asaram Bapu
Kanika Arora | 06 Jun 2014

Discovered experiences from disciples of Asaram Bapu, when asked upon, each one of them have unique divine experience personally as well as spiritually.

However, there are few other experience to be shared among by the people who never knew about him, were not brought to his satsang by family members, were not just passing by the satsang pandal and sat for a while, neither these beings were inquisitive to know about teachings of saint and nor were interested in any spiritual data.

Nevertheless, talking about the later humen, each one of them had common temporary dwelling place typically constructed to keep the accused, Emm ! Shockingly, it's none other than central Jail.

Asaram Bapu is a renowned Spiritual Guru followed by 60 million disciples. He is currently held under trial against sexual assault charges in Jodhpur Central Jail, although his supporters claim entire charges as conspiratorial. It's been more than 9 months of judicial questionings, but with no genuine output.

Jodhpur jail is one of the biggest jails of Rajasthan with around 1400 prisoners residing, out of those it is whispered 1200 now follow spiritual Guru dedicatedly. Thereafter, we met few who just completed their jail sentence in last 6 months. These X-prisoners have their self experience indeed worth to share.

Vinod Choudhary – who stayed 3 months in Jail with Bapu shared his experience –"Bapuji used to give Prasad every morning to us. Bapuji affirm this serenely,' I am not in Jail, instead in Baikunth Ekantvas (place for silent mediation)'. He blesses every day with his Satsang Prasad and sings devotional songs with prisoners. He also takes an evening walk from 4:30 to 6 within close grounds." He further added, Bapuji stays in his own fearless joy and guide policemen, prisoner too to spiritual path.

When Vinod is asked whether he has any message for other followers, he said, "I never believed in, but now I firmly trust him as real Sant and I also took Mantra Deeksha. He said, "I don't care if anyone else believe him or not but with my 2-3 months of acquaintance, I now have an immense faith " – he said the final comment thrice.

Apart from Vinod, Recently 7 other Prisoners who completed their decree in Jodhpur Central jail have their own story to discuss. As soon as they were released from Jail, first thing they did was visiting Asaram Bapu's Jodhpur Ashram for taking Aasana (mat made from blanket cloth) and Mala to continue their Mantra Jap guided by Bapu .

Quoting their words- "Asaramji baba have transformed Jail to Temple, After staying with him , we have known divine meaning to our life , such great saint who have changed our whole life can never be wrong. From 1400 startling criminals, 1200 prisoners devoted themselves to the holy feet of Bapuji and now consider him as SatGuru".

One of the X-Prisoner said with twinkling confident smile – "A place where from morning to evening we could only listen abusive words, now echoes with Hariom Hariom sounds .The place where every day from bathing, breakfast and even for dinner people use to fight for no reasons, they now stand in a queue, maintain peace while eating, and no more waste food. All have learnt respectably".

He added –"Most of the Jailors who work to manage these prisoners, their work is reduced much due to Ashramji Baba"

"He despite being 75 years of age wakes up early morning 4 AM for Yoga. Now, following him, other prisoners who slept till 9 wakes up at 4:30 AM and feel blessed with babaji's company, Babaji also give health tips to everyone and teach art of living with happiness in worst times. They all gather for Babaji kirtan and satsang every evening".

Meanwhile, two more of them added with an exciting expression – "Jail ke bahar to bheed hoti hai bhakto ki milne ki ab to andar bi babaji ka jadoo chal gaya" , meaning gathering to visit bapuji is usually regular outside the jail, however even inside, magic of babaji can be felt. Police is surprised, how babaji has transformed Jail into Ashram."

Lastly, not to conclude, however Aura to transform atheist to believer isn't possible by any wrongdoer. Hence, It would be unwise to blindly trust a girl or family when on other hand millions of families have miraculous experience to share in regards to Spiritual guru as it's just one v/s millions.

Currently, there are plenty of fake cases in Court imposed by women on men that have been raised as a concern by activists.