Angry TV news Channels
Vinod Anand | 13 Aug 2013

Angry TV news Channels(Vinod Anand)The people?s anger against the killing of five Indian soldiers on L0C in Jammu and Kashmir is understandable-and justified too. But some of the TV news channels are angrier than the general public too and are instigating them to turn hysteric. Is there any justification for creating war hysteria in the country by a section of the electronic media which is trying to even hold a referendum as it were to show that lakhs of viewers want action against Pakistan and possibly blacking out at the same time the lakhs of reactions s from those who might not have wanted the issue to be blown out of proportion? Another news channel also conducted a similar exercise on Wednesday evening but the public reaction was that political leaders must stop fishing in troubled waters. The contrast between the people?s reaction, as projected by two news channels, clearly hints at the biased and prejudiced approach adopted by some of the media houses.It is painful to mention that a leading TV news channel which has been carrying on this propaganda offensive against the Government and provoking the people to demand action against Pakistan .-- as if to thwart any bid by the Government for talks with that country- could be doing so out of sheer vengeance. This is because one of their editors, who are in the forefront in damning the Government, highlighting the BJP?s condemnation of Manmohan Singh?s policies, is himself in the dock. He along with chairperson of the Media House as also a co-editor has been charge-sheeted in a Delhi Metropolitan Court by the police for their alleged bid to extort Rs l00 crore in the form of advertisements from a company to which the entrepreneur concerned running it did not agree. Obviously it was intended to be a sort of ?paid news?. The whole thing was captured on CD in a sting operation. They have been charge-sheeted under various provisions of IPC such as 384(extortion), 120B (Criminal conspiracy) and 420 (cheating). The prosecution has submitted 34 witnesses, 76 documents in the Court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate who will announce on August 19 whether or not to take cognizance of the of fences and proceed further in the matterIn the past, on matters external, political parties used to invariably speak in one voice. But the BJP seems to have-broken that tradition. The manner in which it has been holding up the proceedings of Parliament and staging hysterical public protests against Pakistan clearly shows that it is motivated by the ambition to fish in troubled waters so as to make electoral gains in next years Lok Sabha elections which the party has lost for two turns consecutively despite their India-Shining slogans. With Narendra Modi, the firebrand Pakistan-hater at the helm of their election campaign, what else can one expect from a party that is desperately trying to stage a comeback without an acceptable figure like Atal Behari Vajpayee? But it should not be forgotten that when overdone, such fiery propaganda can turn out to be counter-productive as well.