Animal lover seeks action against NIFM Director
HARISH DIDO | 22 Aug 2013

Haryana based animal lover, Sukanya Kadyan, has lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Environment and Forests seeking criminal action against all offenders including Director of National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) for the violation of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972

Sukanya Kadyan is presently working as an event director for the International Organization for Animal Protection, OIPA India / People for Animals (PFA) Haryana. PFA is a registered NGO which is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India, for prevention of cruelty against animals.

NIFM institution was set up in 1993, which gives training to the officers recruited by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for manning senior and top management posts dealing with the accounts and finance in the Government of India.

According to Sukanya, once NIFM authorities had called founder of People for Animal's (PFA), Haryana wing Naresh Kadyan to rescue an injured bird in NIFM premises. There he noticed a Langur inside the NIFM premises which was kept there to curtail the menace caused by monkeys in the office premise. It was a common practice in other Govt. offices as well.

Further, the information obtained under the RTI Act, it came on surface that for availing the services of the Langur along with its master, NIFM was paying an amount of Rs.15,000 per month as against the minimum labour wage of Rs.5000 per month. The exact amount spent on this account is yet to be ascertained.

Speaking to this citizen journalist, Sukanya said, “The complaint in question has been acknowledged by the Joint Secretary (PG), Ministry of Environment and Forests on August 22”.

The animal lover now demands action against the NIFM Director responsible for crime under section 11 and 38 of PCA Act read with Section 39, 51 of WP Act, 1972 along with IPC 420, 120-B, rescue abused animals.