Anna Hazare: A Gandhian of 21st century
Deepali | 19 Apr 2011

 In our day to day life we are now habitual of hearing about scandals, scams, loots etc. Corruption today is buzz word in a negative manner. Everywhere bribing, commissions are so common to get your work done. Giving money today seems the only solutions to all the hurdles we face. Corruption is a big curse still all are flowing this filthy river of corruption. Corruption is a pollution which today is depleting country wealth. But the plight is, we see everything with open eyes and still keep ourselves mum. The reason behind this is we don’t have the courage to speak up and we are worried about the consequences. We are 121 crore of population but the true human being in invisible in all of us.

                                               The other day PM talk about the growth in terms of GDP, and other growths but he never spoke about hundred of corrupt ministers working under his eye. Corruption and development never go hand in hand. And I am sure that till corruption prevails here there in no chance of overall development.

                                                    Watching this present situation we all wonder if present is like this then  what will really be the future. We ask question to ourselves that will the man like Gandhi ever  come to again make India independent from corruption….  And finally it happened. Anna Hazare, a true Gandhian who is not like us come and spoke for nation’s sake.

                                                                                                                                 Anna Hazare, a 73 year old activist and crusader followed the Gandhian path to erase corruption. He with his anti- corruption crusade became the hero of young and old. He started this movement  and also came up with solution called The Jan lokpal bill. He remains defiant and kept almost 5 days long fast and hunger strike. According to the bill a civic body should be made of senior persons who look after the problems of corruption.  The head of the committee is Anna Hazare. This bill is especially for the corrupt ministers and also for the beauorocrats and judges.

                                                                    Fortunately a lot of people join the campaign. From a social activist to a common man and from young to old all are backing Anna and his fight for corruption. Amazingly a lot of young and students came to janter manter to support the bill. I know all the young present there are not fully aware about the bill but still there presence counts. And finally Government approved their requests.

                                    In my view Anna choose the best way to curb corruption which is their in every nook and corner of this nation. Finally it’s the people victory. Promises are made, all hopes are connected and finally PM also breaks the silence and promise to pass the bill. Will this happen or will this bill will able to reduce corruption is still a big question?