Anonymous Father's Day is a documentary worth watching
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 15 Jun 2013

Thanks to bio-technology and sperm banks that many children are born every year through anonymous sperm donation. Technically, such children are said to be born out of the Third Party Reproduction (TPR). Many times, children are born out of wedlock and get adopted.

Adoption of abandoned children has also become common. On the occasion of Father? Day, often such children think and wonder about their biological fathers and their true identity.

There is a documentary film 'Anonymous Father’s Day' that addresses the questions faced by many children like "What is it like to grow up not knowing who your father is or if you have any siblings? What is it like to find out that the man you thought was your dad is not your biological father?" For TPR parents and children, this film provides refreshingly honest and humane insights since it depicts the view-points of affected people and child rights.

According the website of Anonymous Father’s Day, thousands of donor-conceived people have a deep longing to know who they belong to, where they come from, and who they look like. “Donor-conceived people are demanding answers to these basic questions about their origins, their lives, and their identities. The film explores the stories of women and men who are the children of sperm donors,” say the producers of the film.

Kevin D., a sperm donor who has been denied a relationship with his biological child, says at the website, "Anonymous Father’s Day should be required viewing for anyone considering donating or selling their sperm, as well as for anyone contemplating using this method of conceiving a child. The film beautifully reveals the stories of three donor-conceived adults whose needs have been entirely ignored by an industry that only considers the desires, money and frequent dishonesty of adults desperate to have a baby.”

Commenting on the film, Kathleen Sloan, Feminist associated with National Organization for Women says, “Anonymous Father’s Day gives a voice to those adult children of Third Party Reproduction (TPR) who have a fundamental human right to information about their genetic history for their health and medical care, to their identity and family history, and to siblings they may have all over the world. The U.S. obsession with capitalist profit-generation has resulted in a major human rights violation of the children of TPR. It is a damning indictment that the U.S. is the only country in the world besides Somalia to have failed to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Jennifer Lahl’s film sheds much needed light on an ever-growing population ignored and too often silenced by society.”

Watch the trailer of the film on YouTube to get a different perspective of Father’s Day this time. Jennifer Lahl's Anonymous Father's Day is a documentary film exploring the stories of women and men who are the children of sperm donors and decting their feelings.