Another war would wipe out civilization on earth
Dayanand Edappally | 08 Apr 2008

Another war would wipe out civilization on earth


Those who will not learn from history are condemned to repeat history, it is rightly said. History has given us innumerable case histories of battles that have decimated whole generations from the face of the earth. And yet, foolish people that we are, we never learn the lesson they clearly teach us: that wars achieve nothing, that it is all so much sound and fury signifying nothing!


The two world wars killed millions of people all over the world. Hitler’s Gestapo took the lives of some six million Jews, putting them through the gas chambers of Auschwitz.  The Americans dropped two nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and put hundreds of thousands to instantaneous as well as lingering death. Then in the 90s and in contemporary history, we have seen the aftermath of the Gulf War which took and still has been taking innumerable lives.


And yet, mankind is too blind to notice the drastic, deadly, dastardly results of wars. We have become too immune to the dangers of war. Absolutely insensitive. Totally unconcerned. Ours is the devil-may-care attitude. We live in a culture of death. Life has lost its sacredness to this generation. It has no meaning to modern man. Life and death are equally immaterial to him. In such a philosophy of life, we can only expect and anticipate more deadly wars in the future. If civilizations perish in the process, so be it. That is our attitude. Values have changed, and how?


To the post-modern man, life is just a stupid tale told by an idiot, as Shakespeare would say. He doesn’t consider it better to be that which we destroy than by destruction to dwell in doubtful joy. If nihilism and skepticism characterize our age, all the old values cherished by earlier generations have undergone frightful changes. In the cock-eyed view of modern man, life has totally lost its previous pristine sanctity. It now is just a riddle saddled by a puzzle. People now gloat over the numbers of people killed rather than saved in any situation. Therefore, another war, in their view, would be most welcome, nay, necessary to maintain the momentum of our aimless roller-coaster of a life.


If wars and rebellions break out, if people die in hordes, if civilizations vanish, if values tumble, if attitudes deteriorate, all these can be counted as signs of our times. If we can maintain a brave façade in these turbulent times, and look death in the face with the soulless nonchalance of a mercenary executioner, we shall have learnt to survive in these times. Because the values cherished by these times differ from old times, we should not be over-concerned about the new direction of our lives. Civilization of an unknown variety will spring up and replace the existing one. Whether it will be better or worse, at this point in time, we cannot predict with any degree of accuracy.


Survival at any cost is the name of the new game. War or no war, if we can survive, that should be more than enough. Tomorrow will take care of itself!