Anuradha Bali - a failed lawyer
Naim Naqvi | 11 Aug 2009

We make decisions throughout our life - some are automatic, some are well-thought-out and some are outright blunders. The last one are based on confusions, emotions and result of over-stress. One wrong decision changes the course of life for ever. As one Urdu poet had saaid:
“Bus ek qadam utha tha mera rah-e-shouq men.
Manzil tamam umr mujhe dhoondti rahee.”
 Marriage is biggest turning point of life. The partners are supposed to treat each other with respect and trust. They support one another. They agree on goals together. They show equal commitment to the relationship and nurture it to the best of their abilities.
This poor lady got into the trap of a wily married politician; the enchantress in her caught in illusion; the lawyer floundered; the wisdom failed and the common sense became her first casualty. She failed to learn anything from her previous flop marriage. She allowed herself be exploited and destroyed by the greedy impostor - a product of a political seasoned opportunist clan.
Any one would have turned into a dismal, spirit broken and a pulverized wreck after all she had undergone. She made a formidable mistake. However, in the aftermath she accepted it and tried to correct the course as best as she could. She had gone extra miles; got herself made a but of jeer and ridicule; made every effort to salvage the flotsams of her floundered life and in the process she lost almost everything.
What retained with her was her integrity of character and her faith.
It is difficult for me to believe that it was her love and respect for Islam that compelled her to become a Muslim. From Sunil Dat Nargis to Dharmedra Hema there is a never stream of couples who used the tenets of Islam for their dubious and ulterior motives and Chandra Mohan - Anuradha Bali could be no exception. However, it goes to her credit that once she entered to the fold of Islam she remained loyal and withstood all the adverse winds and remained faithful to the new faith she had acquired. In her interview with Divya A she said - “After converting to Islam and assuming my present name, I have adopted its tenets from the core of my heart and would remain FIZA till death,”
Religion is a very personal matter. It is an equation between individual and God. We , most of us, are religious people whatever faith we follow and it is our duty not to make the mockery of our faiths. Chandra Mohan brought disgrace to Hiduism and Islam both.
Fiza made some interesting comments under duress but worth reflection of her inherited values:
“He (C.M.) had gone insane. He seems to be changing his religion as often as he changes his wives. All of the members of his family need psychiatric counseling so that they do not play the women’s lives.”
Chandra Mohan had finally gone back to his original Bishnoi fold. We don’t know what would he do when he encounters again the next beautiful damsel.
Meanwhile, Fiza, out of the furnace of tribulations of life, is trying hard to reassemble her life with the remaining shattered and broken pieces. She appears to be wise, serene, cool but still vibrant. She had not surrendered. For her the life goes on. It makes some great sense when she ended her interview with the following words:
“It’s not been a normal life and I have now left it to God to take care of things. I don’t even wish to find any logic of things in what He does to me. I trust Him and the logic of things will unfold in future if I can’t understand it now.”
We all mistakes - some repairable some fatal. Let us not laugh at her folly. She is woman who was wise and strong but still fell prey to man’s evil designs. She was an  intelligent and sharp lawyer, a beautiful personality. She has the dignity to accept her mistakes. She can still make amends and go the glorious path of life. We wish you all the best in life Fiza.