AP is deprived of every thing by centre

Once again the hopes of AP Mps have been shattered and it has become a fashion to Congress to shame AP at every time of importance.

Once again Andhra Pradesh MPs have been fooled by Congress High command, not offering any ministerial berths at least as Ministers of State.

 Even the own party MPs are unable to understand what sin has done by Andhra MPs.

Before the reshuffle the 32 Congress MPs hoping for new berths and the existing MoSs are hoping for elevation.

In fact without the Andhra pradesh’s Congress MPs strength the UPA government will not stand in the centre. Even then the AICC will not take care of AP and giving highest priority to smaller parties like national conference and DMK.

The entire Andhra Pradesh is having only one cabinet rank minister that is S.Jaipal Reddy whose ministry has been changed to controversial petroleum and natural gas. Though there is no promotion and demotion in the cadre the present ministry is somehow a disputed one which is linked to international market prices and tax variation is different among the state which shows variation in prices. More over the ministry is attracted by industry big wigs and that is a fresh headache.

Since independence the Andhra Pradesh MPs are light powered and only few personalities like Sanjeev Reddy, Brahmananda Reddy, PV narasimha rao, Chenna Reddy handled some union portfolios of ordinary but not prestigious one.

At present the southern states of Tamilnadu has Home Ministry, Karnataka is having foreign affairs and law and civil aviation and kerala has two powerful ministries one is Defence by Antony and another by vaylar ravi.

Why the biggest southern state like AP is having only one Cabinet Minister and it is being seen in low profile by the AICC high command and Prime Minister?

In the Devagowda Ministry the state had three ministries, one is cabinet and state ministries of independent charge.

For example the leaders like kavuri Sambasiva Rao, Rayapati Sambasiva Rao and Kissore Chandra deo are very senior and they are deprived of cabinet berths.

The present political situation is linked to Cabinet if somebody is given which may lead to some unnecessary controversies among the MPs.

The Rajasekhara Reddy when he was alive supposed to said the AICC chief, not bothered of ministries but funds.

Now both are deprived to AP and is being shown a step motherly attitude by centre.