AP Reorganisation Bill
TR. Madhavan | 06 Jan 2014

The Congress Party which is trying to take the credit on Telangana Statehood issue, made the Union Cabinet to send the draft bill with several infirmities to the assembly without doing proper home work. Yes, it has made fool of the people of all the regions of Andhra Pradesh.

When the Home Ministry knows that delimitation of constituencies has to be done before the next round of general elections, which is necessary as reservation percentage for SCs and STs will change post bifurcation. This in effect changes the number of reserved constituencies in the two States, still the bill was sent to the assembly to give its views.

Meticulous exercise of delimitation of constituencies cannot be completed in haste. The process may delay the elections in the two States of Telangana and the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh.

The Home Ministry is yet to respond to the State Government letter on information sought by the Legislators to facilitate smooth discussion before the deadline.

Against in such situation naturally the business in both the houses will be disrupted due to the decision of the Central Government which has been taken in haste on the Bill matter.

Even if debate takes place and members raise their grievances point by point and seek justice to the people, a negative vote or a failure to vote on the referred Bill does not impose substantive constraints on the Union power to enact such legislation.

It is true that, the Union Government has acted in partisan manner just for electoral gains. When there is no doubt that, even if the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly rejects or refuses to pass the resolution, there will not be a Constitutional Barrier to the creation of Telangana State.

Due to lack of time and delimitation process grappling, the Union Government is in a fix to provide the information sought by the legislators related to the referred bill.

Due to fault of the Union Government the elected representatives who are divided along region wise and not party lines should blame each other for the delay in debating the referred bill. It is the Union Government that should be blamed for false promise of passing it before the end of the session and its partisan attitude, which is delaying the matter.