APSRTC Fare Hike Extra burden on Commuters
TR. Madhavan | 15 Jul 2011

The APSRTC and the Government of Andhra Pradesh has not thought converting the buses to CNG, still running the same in diesel. The prices of diesel will keep on increasing every few months and burden the commuters further.

THERE WILL be an increase in price of diesel in regular intervals in future and RTC will increase the fares. When the A P government departments have taken steps to stop usage of plastic bags, trying implement smoke free areas, why the government and APSRTC is shying away to convert their fleets to CNG? If CNG is used the pollution level emitted by the RTC fleets will come down and the cost of fuel will not be so high so that, the RTC will no think of increasing the fares. The RTC is common man's means of transport, the government and RTC should at the earliest convert their fleets to CNG, aviod pollution and burdening the commuters. The new fleets which are going to added to the RTC should be of CNG engines. When in Vijayawada city RTC can run buses with CNG fuel, why can't be in this twin cities and in entire state? The RTC has taken immediate decisions on fare increase, have they thought providing proper bus shelters in this twin cities or other parts of the state?