Are the Doctors really serious about the diseases and treating the patients seriously?
Meena K.H. | 08 Jan 2011

This article is about the failure of treatment and lack of doctors' seriousness in treating the even regular patients. My child is an example of this and we lost him forever for this reason and thus sharing the detail of inaction of the doctors.

YES, THIS this question arises when everyday we are experiencing the death of patients due to medical negligence.  I lost my son, just 11 years old for this reason recently on December 31, 2010.
Actually  what is happening now a days is, when you go to a doctor you will be registered and your record will open in a modern way using computers and this procedure will only waste time instead of attending the patient immediately.
Actually there are some small clinics where the doctors having more patients everyday without appointment and see the patients on first come first serve basis are doing well but, we are in a hurry to go to these well equipped clinics or hospitals.  
I want to share what happened to my child with you. Inspite of having the regular treatment record of my child for about a year, who was getting frequent respiratory infections,  a doctor,  so called children specialist, who had returned from foreign caused a situation where the child suffered from meningitis in 2005,  at an age of 5 and a half years.
 Luckily, the child escaped, and he was doing well.  For about 3 years we had no problem. Again as usual the infections and fever in the interval of 15 days for almost a year happened even being treated regularly with another doctor. 
He was affected with pneumonia followed by empyema and undergone surgery.  This would not have happened had the doctors seriously thought about his case and learn more about this to completely get rid of infections?  Child patients have become the target of medical business and the parents’ anxiety is being encashed by these careless doctors, who make a patient to visit him regularly.
Otherwise what about their money? Now, We changed the doctor again as per somebody’s advise that he is the best ,who made their child recover well and since march 2010 we had a regular follow up with that doctor.  When we visited him for the first time knowing all the history, he blamed the other doctors who previously  made our child to get complicated and confidently said that he will get my child well and nothing to worry. 
 But ,  is it our badluck? No, definitely not, I am sure that the doctor’s treatment was not proper again this time and he completely made my child ready to go permanently from this world as he told. Thanks for his treatment. We were also as parents with a hope of getting well blindly followed him even being educated and that educated foolishness is one of the reason to this.  Neither we were in a position to neglect nor to follow his advise.
All this did not happen in a village but in a famous city Bangalore and the doctors, who treated my child are also very popular and famous.  Of course, we can console by saying that his ayush was only that much, or leaving the result on fate to escape ourselves by giving many examples where many people survive from serious conditions than this.
But, dear all, please have some knowledge and go accordingly and don’t depend on  doctors completely.  But at that time we stop thinking  and do as they say and once got into their hands we are helpless and have to just watch and listen what they  do and say. 
I wish this should not happen anymore and request parents, please wait, and try not depend much on the doctors for little uneasies in a hurry and at the same time don’t neglect also. I also read an article that in China about 2,00,000 patients died due to misuse of antibiotic streptomycin, so, be careful. Our life is in our hands , lead healthy life style as our elders used to live and who are still healthy. 
Despite trying ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga and what else , my son’s soul with many dreams in his life and 11 yrs old is crying somewhere and calling me to take him back.
Will he come back as how he was?..... 
At last, I would request, Hospitals and public organizations to make public awareness programmes on infections and treatments honestly without any profit making intention. ‘sarve janaha sukhino bhavamthu”