Are they not corrupt who get paid for doing nothing?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 07 Feb 2014

Are they not corrupt who get paid for doing nothing? A question may be asked as to why a man would be paid for doing nothing? However, I can give you examples from my experience.

When I was Under Secretary in the Staff Inspection Unit of the Department of Expenditure in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, most of my colleagues would come to office at ten and then spent the whole day using official telephone to buy and sell stocks and shares.  They did not do anything else.  My own Deputy Secretary came to office at two P.M. after taking his lunch at home and then would just sign all the files without reading them and spend his time gossiping or taking tea.  Of course, the work of such officers was done by other persons as the Unit was much overstaffed while its job was to see to it that the various Government offices were not overstaffed.
When I was a Deputy Secretary in the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation of the Government of India, a Lady Under Secretary working under me, seldom came to office and drew her pay without taking leave of any kind as her son was suffering from Cancer and her husband was a heart patient. You would say why I did not report the matter to the higher authorities?  The answer is that it was my Joint Secretary who had told me never to ask for her explanation as she was in a miserable condition.
When my father was working at Bhakra Dam, he told me that in the night shift, except for a few conscientious workers, all the staff and officers slept soundly.  Moreover, he told me that the leaders of the various labour unions came to attend the work at the Dam during all the three shifts but never actually did any work. No officers checked them because the former were afraid that the latter would resort to labour strike and the work would get stuck.  Even in private firms, the leaders of the labour unions do no work and get paid. The management says nothing to them for fear of their calling a strike.