Are we good enough in our present for our future to be PROUD of……..
Mahesh | 25 Sep 2006

This article tries to brings about change in perception that what we do today is going to affect our future.

Are we good enough in our present for our future to be PROUD of……..
We all have been reading history and have come across various personalities who have done good enough for the society, built structures which have stood the strength of time, created philosophies which influence humans in positive way etc……
Structures which have stood the test of times are many………. How many structures have been built in current times which can withstand few decades forget centuries….
Have seen great leaders who have transformed people’s life socially and economically……..
Have we not become too much consumption oriented?? Our thought and execution process only goes for next few years.
We are seeing product life cycles shortening, companies want to increase their sales and the only way they can increase the sales is shortening product life cycles.
Companies are involved in ensuring there is a good amount of ecological destruction which they do it by utilizing more and greener spaces, contaminating lakes, increasing global temperature which is a threat to current land / water distribution.
Is society in general and individuals in particular involved in any of the activities which are sensitive to the ecological balance, create structures which our future would look back and be proud of, building societies which can be accommodating to this changing global context wherein people are migrating as never before…….
These are the thoughts which I want to share and know the view about…………..