Are we happy, afraid not!
John F Williams | 28 Nov 2011

Be happy in all the situations !

WE, THE Mankind are never satisfied forgetting that the Nature has its own role to play for each and every creature on this beautiful Planet.

It's Summer , we are very much unhappy with the Heat. Oh ! It is very hot here how to move out , there is very scorching heat. There is a dust storm, etc. Power failure again and again. Even our Inverters stopped functioning.

Now we are approaching Rains - My God it does not stop, unable to move out. Water is logged everywhere. There is hail -storm. Don't know when it will stop! Some places it is a Flood while some places it is draught for the lack of rain.

Now we approach   Winters- Oh , what a Cold-wave. It is chilly here, can't take out even hand out of the Pocket. It looks there had been snowfall in Simla, Kulu, Manali and surrounding areas.

Thus  all the seasons  are not at all comfortable to us. We are  unhappy. But never thankful to Almighty God for His creation.

God is to take care of we the Human-beings, Insects,  Animals, Birds, Agriculture, Shop-keepers, Doctors, Mountains, Rivers, Forests etc.

We should be  happy and relaxed under all the situations. All days are not alike. In face we should  thank the Almighty God  for His Grace. We must accept life as it comes.