Are Wikileaks allegations legal or illegal?
Neetu Banga | 18 Mar 2011

Latest exposed by Wikileaks an international non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret and classified media from anonymous news sources, news leaks and whistleblowers that the UPA government had tried to buy votes of MPs of other political parties. The cable, sent in July 2008, alleges that the Congress bought MPs to survive a vote of confidence over the government's controversial nuclear deal with the US. The report revealed the Congress party paid Rs 10 crore each to four MPs belonging to Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal to secure vote in favour of the UPA government.  Yesterday proceeding of both houses were spoiled by repeated adjournments and chaos as opposition parties demanded the resignation of prime Minister.

 The question arises that are Willileaks allegations legal or illegal? Why did not Wikileaks happen ten years ago? We are not pretty confident where Wikileaks has its servers. People have common knowledge that they are in Sweden, Iceland , Belgium and New York. Wikileaks team is fanatical with revealing secrets and has complied list of countries with liberal whistle blower protection laws. Well, there multiple servers are not there to back each other; they are there to gather legal protections. In each country every server is subject to the laws, where ever it’s plugged in. It is visible that every submission of Wikileaks has clever pattern to move it through each of these location. Interestingly, even you do have access to a computer world, Wikileaks will physical able to put your leaked material on Internet by other multinational path.

 All the cases exposed by Wikileaks raised broad legal question about how the government will protect the freedom of information and open Internet, while also protecting privacy and national security.

 Wikileaks team takes advantage of the protections of liberal democracies, but refuses to submit themselves to them. If they want to use the liberal protections guaranteed by New York State, then he should live in New York, and commit himself to all of the safety and consequences of America's constitution. If they want to use India's whistleblower laws, then they should live in India and let its justice system take its course. Legal admissibility may have to be decided by the Supreme Court of India before accepting any allegations of Wikileaks cables.