Are you prepared to dine with me?
Satbir Singh Bedi | 12 Nov 2013

I am a so called Upper Caste Hindu belonging to Khatri clan. I used to keep a full time Scheduled Caste maid. She also used to cook our food besides doing other household chores. I share food with Muslims as well as with Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes people.

I generally eat Halal meat but sometimes I eat Jhatka also. I also take food with Christians.  When I went on an official duty tour, I used to take food at five star hotels but also took food at those places where generally beggars and other poor people eat depending on circumstances.

I keep a copy of Hindu scriptures like Geeta, Ramayana as well as copies of Sikh scriptures.  I have no hesitation in keeping pictures of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and other Hindu deities as well as of ten Sikh gurus.  In addition, I used to keep pictures of Lord Jesus Christ in my house.  I also used to keep a copy of the Holy Bible and a copy of the Holy Quran (English translation) in my house.

I am prepared to recite, "La Illaha Il Allah, Muhammad ur Rasool Allah" or to recite any verse from the Holy Quran or the Holy Bible.  I, however, do not believe in Prophet Muhammad being the last Prophet.  I believe that Guru Gobind Singh of Sikhs was the last Prophet.  I am a nationalist and an agnostic who believes in God but does not think that God is just or His name should be recited. I do not believe in the theory of Karma or of re-births or any judgement day.

I am prepared to dine with any person who is a human being.  Are you prepared to dine with me?