Are you Streaming videos live - Try Clipstream
Syed Nazir Razik | 14 Sep 2006

Product Review

Blog camp 2006 conducted in Chennai used a wonderful software - ClipStream, without which it would have been very difficult to have captured the event live and make the 100 odd virtual participants from all over the world not miss a moment of this event. ClipStream is certainly one of the most important reasons for BlogCamp's success and reach. It not only made it possible to have a live telecast, but it also helped us put together our post BlogCamp dvd with all the sessions as a repository of information.

I also include a few snippets from the IRC chat (the virtual participants used to chat with the people attending BlogCamp)

Kaps: You know what is interesting. I am here asking a question to Gavaskar and he is responding to my question from half way around the world and I am seeing him and listening to him. This is so wonderful.

AJ: I am amazed at the clarity of video and audio, it just streams so quickly that I feel I am watching the whole event infront of my eyes...:)

Kanishk: My mic isn't working properly, but am still able to catch up with the video. IT feels great to see you guys presenting and interacting so much

Shyam: All you guys, all this time I was broadcasting the session, clipstream made a local folder with all the sessions archived and more importantly with a html page coded to act as my remote control. That's amazing.

And many more such snippets are available once again thank you for helping us out with ClipStream. Post event i was talking to their representative in India Mr. Abhijit and he has offered to help us in our future endeavours (BlogCamp 2007 is on cards) with more viewership capabilities using Repeaters that will double the capacity.