Army Officers selling Weapons
John F Williams | 03 Dec 2011

The standard in Army too going down.

ARMY OFFICERS have been selling their weapons illegally in the grey market, with the help of a cartel of ammunition dealers in two border districts of Rajasthan, the Collector of Sriganganagar District, once said so.

According to a probe at least 48 Army Weapons, including foreign-made Pistols, carbines and semi-automatic Rifles, were sold through the dealers in Districts- Bikaner and Sriganganagar adjoining the Pakistan Border over the past few years.
The District administration has identified 30 army Officers, including two Major Generals and a Brigadier, allegedly connected with this trade but the names were not disclosed though forwarded to the Ministry of Defence.

Army Officers are allotted top-notch Pistols and Guns for their personal use at nominal rates. These weapons cannot be resold or transferred.

It has been reported that these Loyal, Honest Army Officers traded several 7.62 bore Pistols, and .30 mm and 7 mm Rifles through the network of dealers. They were sold for more than Rs 3 lakh in the grey market,”

The trade was uncovered when the Sriganganagar District administration conducted an enquiry into illegal arms licenses.

Suggested to put them under arrest immediately the State Officials who were involved in the issuance of the licenses to the Buyers of such weapons.

The Indian Army has ordered an inquiry into the alleged sale in the grey market of weapons by the Officers but the result is never made Public, a sad affair.
Why not sack these Commissioned Officers!

We wonder how so many army-men can be allowed to go scot-free and their buyers as well! the law of the land should be applied equally to all whether Service-men or Civilian!

You never know how many crores are being drained in this way!

Is it the standard of our ARMY now!