Arrest of LeT recruiter- Does Muslim Community unfairly scrutinized as pro-terrorist or soft on terror?

As per an Indian Express report date January 07, 2013 two Muslim clerics have been arrested from Mewat in Haryana for their possible links with Laskar-e-Toiba (LeT). According to their revelation, they had approached Muzaffarnagar riot victims to recruit them in to LeT module.

This news in fact went viral and debates started over TV news channels. The Congress was quick to respond that with this Rahul Gandhi was vindicated for saying that ISI was trying to recruit riot victims of Muzaffarnagar in to their terror module. BJP, which then blamed Rahul Gandhi while asking reasons why he was painting the entire community for vote bank politics, suddenly started to say that riot had nothing to do with such recruitment attempts as such things were going on even before the riots!

SP has started questioning the Congress on how can the government agencies share such classified data with Gandhi rather than sharing it with the government of UP! JD(U) interestingly became philosopher to say that if there is dispute in communities, third party (read Pakistan) would take the benefit!

I think I put the above paragraph in as precise as possible without compromising the stands of the various parties at the moment in the specific context! Politics is at peak at the moment. But despite their so called passionate response, I find one thing is common among all the parties that ‘Indian Muslims are soft on terrorism and can be anti-national if riots like Muzzaffarnagar happen!

Let’s do a trial whether Indian Muslims are soft on terrorism, are they vulnerable to ISI or Let trap & are they a community that are practically anti-national in Indian context?

Let’s start with 1948 war hero Mohammad Usman who was known as ‘Lion of Naushera’! This brigadier laid his life in Indo-Pak war on July 3, 1948 and was offered a state funeral attended even by Lord Mountbatten!

Then let’s just scroll names like Abdul Hamid, Raza Haziz, Ardeshir Burzori Ji etc up to many Muslim soldiers including the tiger hills heroes who were always part of the national pride putting their lives at risk!

It’s said that Pakistani prisoners of war were always surprised to see Indian Muslims in military with equal patriotic spirit! No Muslim in Indian military establishment till date accused of treachery.

In civil society too we always find top class Muslim leaders who are always valued as great Indian statesman. The list can start from Abul Kalam Azad to Abul Kalam! On cultural point of view, starting from Rafi to present day Khan Superstars, all have always displayed extraordinary Indian pride!

One may say in military and other celebrity don’t have religion hence quoting their example is wrong. Let’s take it for a moment. What about ordinary Muslims?

I remember 26/11 where 10 brutal terrorists from Pakistan killed 266 innocent Indians. 9 terrorists got killed. Has anybody remembered that Indian Muslims denied allowing those terrorists to be buried in the graveyards under disposal of Mumbai Muslim community? Have you seen Muslim as a community ever endorsed Pakistan sponsored terrorism?

Yes, in many Pakistan sponsored cases we find terrorists are found to be Muslims. Does this hold the Indian Muslim community as a whole a terrorist community? If yes, why don’t we hold entire Hindu community also as a terrorist community? After all, the LTTE in Sri Lanka is mostly a Hindu outfit & also had sponsors & sympathizers from Hindus (read Tamils) of Indian state of Tamil Nadu? Why Sikhs as community can’t be seen as terrorist community because of earlier Khalistan movement?

Frankly terror has no religion nor has any endorsers except extremists. Extremists occur in every religion, every community & in fact every society. Then why only Muslim community is always scrutinized directly or indirectly? Is it because they are largest among minority group? Is it because their size makes them appear a lucrative vote bank? Or is it because some of leaders of the community fall in to trap of opportunist vote bank politics?

Returning to my initial reporting & remark where I put various political parties stand point & my question on the particular news in particular context, let me put the revelation of the two accused clerics who confessed that the Muslim riot victims of Muzzaffarnagar straight away refused to join hands with Pakistan terror groups & instead informed Delhi Police special cell helping them to arrest these two clerics named as Hafiz Rashidi & Shahid.

The above is the proof of Muslim integrity that despite being victim of a gruesome riot refused to harm their mother country. How can you always put this community always on scrutiny? Modi many years ago in a Mumbai address said that ‘I am not against Muslim but what I can I do when all terrorists are Muslims!’ He understood gross mistake of his point & started Sadvabana Yatra post 2010! He didn’t wear Muslim hat rightly because symbolism &tokenism shouldn’t be avoided. But he changed his line understanding the value & power of this community despite knowing that none of this community is going to vote him. He had to change his line as he very well sensed that he can’t at least take the confidence of majority making this community stand accused!

But what about so called self claimed secular parties? Why always you’re intentionally/unintentionally portray Muslim community as a vulnerable community to terrorism or ISI trap? Isn’t my second paragraph clear on this aspect?

I am a Hindu (though I have reservation on Hindu definition, which I would explain some other time) & an Indian. I always believe that I can’t imagine a country like India ignoring this sizable population. If I wish that there should be no such community in India, then definitely I am wishing it at my nation’s peril! If as a common man, I can understand this, what stops political parties to realize it? Is it vested greed? If yes, I can wish an India minus these parties in the interest of a great Indian nation!