Arts of Odisha catch’s eye ball arts of Odisha
Priyanka Sharma | 14 Apr 2014

Once known as Utkala, which means the land of excellence in art, Odisha is a treasure trove of exquisite handicraft and traditional art forms, a rich legacy of an ancient culture. Evolved slowly and gradually through disciplined efforts of generations, Odisha’s handicrafts have retained their seasoned traditional values along with the freshness and charm of their own. Beauty and utility combine in them.

Dedicated labor of the artisans scattered all over the state has made Odisha a fabulous market of souvenirs and mementoes. Varieties are many—stone work, silver filigree, wood craft, appliqué work, brass and bell metal work, dhokra castings, horn work, pata paintings, terracotta, tie & dye textile in cotton, tassar and silk and a lot more. Stemming from centuries of exquisite craftsmanship, they are a colorful testimony to the integral life force of the people.

A place Raghurajpur in Odisha is the hub of art and culture with ancient artisans and craftsman of the state, etching and painting on the palm leaf. Crafting beautiful pictures on the palm leaf is the unique and traditional painting in state. The artisans here are carving the images on palm leaf since ages. This art has not only treasured decorations of Indian homes but also abroad.

With magical beauty their paint brush artisans in the village capture the themes of mythological incidents, gods and goddess figures and pictures from the nature.

Along with the images of Radha and Krishna, Durga, Ganesha and Saraswati and stories related to Jaganatha, Ramayana and Mahabharata are framed.

The artisans of the Raghurajpur says that the best thing of the palm leaf painting is that even today horoscope in Odisha is written on the palm leaf by some of the astrologers here and therefore, it is in great demand.

Designs on palm leaf is presented in different styles in form of wall hangings , greeting cards, book marks etc are beautiful and perfect gift items for the budget costumers.

Living happily and satisfied with their work and amount of money they get craftsman in the state feel proud that they are part of it and appreciate that their art is recognized at the international domain.