Ashfaq | 07 Jan 2007

IN THE UNITED STATES ,the White House fed lies to the people. President Bush decided to fight against IRAQ on a very previously charted scheme to destroy islam with the dream of taking the full control of the huge hydrocarbon reserves in the region, reducing the Arab countries into feeble entities so that Israel’s safety is guaranteed.
It was with this objective that the American secretary of state told the security council that Iraq with its WMD posed a huge threat to the whole world, not merely to the United States. All the senior officials of the American administration including the president , vice president. defense secretary, secretary of state ,national security adviser & the head of the CIA were parties to the big lie about Iraqi weapons & thus deceiving the American People. Bush was Re-Elected on this lie & the US Forces sunk deeper into the quick -sand of Iraq.
The lie has expanded & enlarged to continue the savage attacks on Lebanon & the Gaza Strip. The Ugly face of the US has been becoming increasingly evident to the world .The   US ,apparently, followed the old British Policies of making proxy wars using the soldiers of other countries.
Israel has been fighting a proxy war for the US that guaranteed Israel Protection against any kind of international sanction. The US Protects Israel with Security Council veto, intimidation of Israel’s critics & supply of internationally banned weapons.
Even Some Of Israel’s Knesset members & a section of the public have realized that Israel is waging a proxy war.
The American Aim Is abundantly clear. It is to Destroy Everything Related to Islam.