Ashok Tanwar proposed, Hooda disposed right to service act
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 21 May 2014

Old proverb that man proposes but God disposes holds true with Haryana, Govt's decision to bring Right to Service Act for providing relief to people who suffer at the hands of bureaucracy.Impressed by the Rajasthan Act Ashok Tanwar Congress.M.P from Hayana while canvassing during Rajsthan assembly polls has decided to replicate the Rajsathan Right to Hearing Act,2012 as a pilot project in Haryana.

He discussed the issue with Chief Minister but Haryana bureaucracy which  is pampered by Hooda for giving them post retirement jobs converted it as God sent opportunity for getting some of them adjusted .Hooda proudly announced in his much published rally at Gohana that he has decided to bring right to service act  as he has been told that people are fed with the bureaucrat.In chaste Haryanavi he said  me inhe thokuga.( i will fix these officers). Proposed  Right to Service Commission was  going to be dumped with retired and controversial I.A.S officers.But humiliating defeat  of Congress in Loksabha polls has pushed the issue in back. Highly placed sources told that Krishan  Mohan who had given clean chit to Robert Vadhera in his controversial land deals in Gurgaon was tipped as its Chairman and some more I.A.S officers who had danced to the tune of Hooda during their service would have been adjusted in the Commission thus defeating the very purpose of the act. It is interesting to mention that Tanwar who had lost Loksabha polls from Sirsa  has alleged that unbridled bureaucracy was also responsible for humiliating defeat of congress  in Loksabha  polls.Giving specific example he said  that how central funds released for development work in his Constituency were not  utilized.During elections his wife Avintka has openly alleged that deputy commissioner does not listen to them. Chief Minister Hooda has given clear instructions to the bureaucracy not to  to give any importance to Ashok Tanwar. Not only Tanwar  but Birender Singh is also blaming the bureaucracy .But million dollar question is who pampered the bureaucracy. In fact Hooda had ruled or misruled the state for nine years with help of M.L.Tayal, ChhaterPal.S.S,Dhillo,Rajiv Arorda,T.C.Gupta ,P.K.Chodhary, K.K.Khandelwal ,R.S.Doon ,P.V,Rathi and Krishan Mohan etc persecuting the honest officers  like Ashok Kemka , I.F.S officer, Sanjeev Chaturvedi and I.P.S officer, Subash Yadav.Hooda,s name could find mention in Guinness book of record for giving post retirement jobs  to officers. .Recalled that on initiative of Tanwar, Social activist Nikhil Dey a social activist   has given  demonstration of Rajsthan experience  in Fatehabad but then Deputy Commissioner  Saket Kumar did not took any interest. "Under the Act, villagers can give their grievances in writing at a single window in the Panchayat building in their village. They get a pink slip as receipt and are given the date of hearing in the block office within a week. Once the officers concerned have heard them, they either do their job or have to assign reasons in writing for not doing it within a specified time.  Tanwar tried to implement the system in three villages of Fatehabad namely Hinjrawan, Khara Kheri and Bhirdana where  Single windows to address people's grievances were opened  but the officers discouraged him. Tanwar told that  he had been following the Jan Sunwai Kanoon,of Rajsthan as a mechanism to address people’s grievances, ever since it was implemented in Rajasthan in 2012 adding that  he came in contact with social activists Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey and their team, who had worked extensively in that state to promote the implementation of the Act.